Obagoo is a passion driven company, founded on the bedrock of wanting to set things right, vastly queuing into the global trend of digitalization, with a basic goal of driving her clients and populace to a world-standard of living.

Obagoo Global Concept Ltd is a group of companies founded on the 25th of November, 2017, though long conceptualized before that date. When transliterated, the term Obagoo means ‘entrance’. Impliedly, as a company, we are entering not just into the world of business to create new solutions, but also into all significant spheres of life, education, technology, banking, hospitality, public life, transport, commerce and many more. We are entering into the world with a positive style, breaking norms, and setting a new pace, all intended at making life processes more efficient and effective.

Like our Logo “Plating the world with Gold and Silver” implies, Obagoo is formed in a way that we rotate around the world, affecting and touching all spheres of life, plating them with gold or silver, as we rotate, especially since the world itself is in a circular form. We are built to fit into all spheres. For the colours that we represent, we mean:

Gold: passion, love, courage, wealth and basically illumination.

Silver: a neutral power, it fits into anywhere and dominate. Psychologically, it is believed to restore equilibrium and stability.

Vision: to create a fully digitalized and responsive world that cuts across all sectors and demo graphs, where interactions between all value-chains could move at the speed of light.

Mission: Bringing together world-class intellectuals who understands the shifting dynamics in the world and are ready to implement great ideas, strategies and digital systems in order to achieve a world, plated with silver and gold.

As a versatile company, Obagoo has different subsidiaries with plethora areas of specialization, always ready to offer services second to none. These subsidiaries are:

Obagoo Solutions: This is a consulting firm that seeks to re-engineer business processes through the use of digital systems by aligning business strategies with Information Technology Strategies. By this, we will help organizations concentrate on their on their core competencies and also let technology be an enabler to their whole business processes.

There has been an oversight on how much technology can drastically change a company’s profit making margin, market share and cost of business processes. Obagoo Solutions will serve not just as a business advisor, but also as an outsourcing firm to enable struggling organization reap the benefits from digital systems.

Obagoo Kidzart: the future of the world are the kids, and Obagoo holds these future at a very high esteem, because there is no changing of the world without considering the future of the world. Obagoo Kidzart is therefore an organization built on the foundation of every child’s welfare, creativity, arts, language use, ICT, education and Child Parenting. Basically, this organization is bent on building the children’s world, and to help adjust the adult world to be conducive for the kids. Every child deserves a bright future and should be given all windows to achieving that. Obagoo Kidzart rotate around the world, plating every child with gold and silver.

Obagoo Stores: This basically deals with commerce, the whole business of buying and selling. Our core products are digital systems that could enable individuals, organizations and public sectors of technological inefficiency. Obagoo stores spins from selling and deploying I.T. infrastructures directly to business or public sectors, to selling these same infrastructures to individuals. We take advantage of the World Wide Web to reach potential clients or customers who may not have physical to technological products. We believe powerfully in the internet and how much it can connect people and business to an ever changing and innovative world. Our core principle is quality of product and speed at the lowest cost.  

Obagoo Foundation: This is a charity organization built on the desire to help the poor find a means of living, either by the means of training them on particular skills or equipping them to start up a life with whatever skills that they have acquired before. We stand on the ideology that ‘you don’t give a man fish to eat, but you teach him how to fish’. When food is given to the hungry, it satisfies their immediate quest for food, but leaves them on a longer term of hunger and poverty, because you have only succeeded in making them believe that there is someone somewhere who will always bring the food for them to eat. On the other hand, when you equip them with a means of providing that food for themselves, then you have provided a long term solution to hunger. This focuses more on the women and children.  Aside this, Obagoo Foundation also drives the quest to maintain a green and clean environment to enable good health and save everyone the cost that goes into the treatment of diseases that could be possibly averted, this way, wealth increases and the standard of living is not tampered with.