Save Today for Tomorrow by Miss Assumpta Ajanankem

Today we can clearly see Tomorrow we can’t clearly see Our hands, our tools, the soil, our boots yet, our bands their joy, packed in the boots for loots Young destinies, soaring in fateless feathers With tiny voices whispering to unseen fathers Save today for tomorrow Or tomorrow will be born to hunt today Save Read more about Save Today for Tomorrow by Miss Assumpta Ajanankem[…]

Star poet of the week

We all love flowers

My Lovely Flowers  Oh my lovely flowers So bright and kind Always yellowish in colour It is greenish in my life It is pretty to my Faith and wisdom It is so beautiful It is so nice and lovely My mother makes it more attractive My beautiful flowers never fails its promise It is a Read more about We all love flowers[…]

Star Poets of the week - Sunshine

OH Sunshine by Virtue Chukwudi

OH Sunshine  Oh Sunshine, what a glamorous light Oh Sunshine, you are brighter than light Oh Sunshine, you are hot to hurt a rubber Oh Sunshine, you are as shiny as gold Oh Sunshine, you are as colourful as diamond Oh Sunshine, I want to evaporate into the air when I see you   Oh Read more about OH Sunshine by Virtue Chukwudi[…]

Star Poets of the Week

Dear Sunshine! By Oluebube

Oh Sunshine! What a wonderful light with yellow rays So beautiful with bright shines Dear Sun, You are like a diamond Having the twinkling of a gold From the east it rises Puting smiles on my face as it rises It shines to dry my clothes I see the sun in the sky Light to Read more about Dear Sunshine! By Oluebube[…]

The Past

The Past Like a permanent ink it will stain, To be reversed it will never be the same, We live our lives with an in-correctable mistake, A scar that will only hurt the mind, Memories that just makes you cry, After those moments we reason why, For every second we regret for a reason, That’s Read more about The Past[…]

Love @ first Sight By Sam

Love At first Sight Love, that’s what brought us together, Angles watching as we grew nearer, I was locked in your eyes at your amazing gaze, Those arrows of hate ended in flames, We will meet and kiss on a floating fountain, Let’s run forever in this beautiful mountain, I can wait until we engage, Read more about Love @ first Sight By Sam[…]

Africa with trembling scars by Mosunimola

Africa my Africa Africa with trembling scars Africa with a proud warrior’s ancestral savanna Africa of whom my grandmother sings of in the distant of the river Africa tell me Africa The slavery of your children The work of your veins The blood of your sweat Africa the largest continent Africa of whom I sweat Read more about Africa with trembling scars by Mosunimola[…]

The future of an African child by Olusehan John

The future of an African child Is like a rock that never shake, A brave lion An ocean that never run dry The future of an African child are the heir to the throne, African child a black blood but best brilliant people The future of an African child is a powerful dream they dream Read more about The future of an African child by Olusehan John[…]