January 17, 2018

PBC 2019

Poetry Blast Competition 2019 – Abuja



Registration will commence soon: For more Information; contact us via e-mail: kidzart@obagoogroup.com, or call the following Numbers: +2348137058845, +2349035928702

Competition Tips

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Annual Poetry Blast Competition Abuja, scheduled to take place from January 2019, is an initiative that would aid young creative writers into discovering their talents. This Competition is aimed at awakening creativity, reading and writing culture in Nigeria, and Africa at large.

The Poetry Blast is a three stages competition, on the subject, ‘Save Today for Tomorrow, which would involve children within the age of 7 and 16, grouped into four groups: (7-10), (11-13), (14-16). 

1st Stage: (Hand Written): Manual forms will be filled by participants and the competition will be conducted in the school premises after an orientation Class on the concept of Writing Poetry.

All winners from the 1st Stage stand a chance of having their poems and stories published in the Poetry Blast Collection and short stories collection which will be launched at the Grand Finale, and qualify for the 2nd Stage.

2nd Stage

Registration for the second stage is on. you will be notified if your ward qualifies. please do not deny any child the right to participate. every child Is a star.

Those qualified to register for the second stage of the competition are those who have done well at the first stage. after making payments in their various schools, an exam slip will be given to them. they should ensure to bring the slip to the exam hall, or will not be permitted to write.

Examination duration for all participating schools: WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE

Note: Each school will be notified on the specific date for their exam

For every registered child, a certificate of participation will be issued, poems published both online and print, and open to several prizes at the grand Finale based on their performance

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Every Child is A Star

Winners from the 2nd Stage gets a certificate of participation and stand a chance of participating in the Grand Finale

3rd Stage | Grand Finale: (Stage performance) Spontaneous Writing and Stage presentation of poems by Winners from the 2nd Stage. Three overall winners from each age grade will emerge from this stage. (Originality and composure will be judged at this stage.)

Poetry Blast Collection | Short Stories (a collection of the poems of the Poetry Blast participants) will also be launched in the Grand Finale.and More…


The overall winners from the three age grades will get laptops, tablets, medals and scholarship funds. There will also be consolation prizes, award of certificates, and publication of poems for all winners.

Countdown to PBC 2019 Registration

Registration Fee: ₦2000. [Accountname: Obagookidzart | Account number: 5194798011 or Pay to school] This is to aid us make available all materials needed for this competition, including the writing materials, the prizes, publication of the Maiden Poetry Blast Collection and organizing the Grand Finale. Also Attached to this fee is a Free Orientation Class on the concept of poetry and creativity, as it would help boost the performance of the kids in the competition.
The whole essence of this competition is not just to crown star winners, but to inculcate the art of creativity, reading and writing into every child and that is why they are meant to go through rigorous stages of thinking and writing of poetry. 


This Competition is being championed by Obagoo Kidzart, an organization that believes that every child is a star and must be found in their own galaxy. Obagoo Kidzart has the interest of every child at heart, and intends to do everything possible to ensure that the kids’ interest are well protected. In doing this, we are best at training both teachers and pupils in the whole concept of creativity, writing skills, language Art, diction and More.