Poetry Blast Competition Theme Poem

Every Child is a Star

Every child is a star

Created in their own galaxy

A world where they are rulers

No one crosses their margin with a ruler

Beyond the four edges of that chalk room

They create their four edges

And add an edge to it

That edge makes them special

Beyond that class theatre

After being held bound in a womb theatre


Stars have got different edges

Pointing at different directions

Shining with different perceptions

Placed at different positions

The galaxy is the biggest field

The theater where stars are formed

With no edges as a form

Try not to fix a cube in round holes

It knows no progress

The child’s world, his galaxy


Poor little child

Who is caged in a tide,

Nothing is done right

Even when they try to shine to their right

If only that child can scream in its height

Then the tiny little voice will say,


Give me my right

For every star has the right to shine

And every child is a star

I am a star

Whose edges are bent to a direction tar

Like an ant whose limbs are cut

A bird whose wings are plucked out

Place me on a pen and a broad sheet

Give me a chance to write my star

And colour my shines

my galaxy is going dark

let me lighten my world

I need to shine to the world

The cry of every child

Every child is a star

Exalting Poetry

Give every child the chance

to express him/her self

And colour their shines

Let your child be his star

Let your child be her star

By Assumpta Kelvin

Creative Writer | Editor | Author

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