January 5, 2018

Obagoo Foundation

This foundation is built on the desire to help the poor find a means of living, either by the means of training them on particular skills or equipping them to start up a life with whatever skills that they have acquired before. We stand on the ideology that ‘you don’t give a man fish to eat, but you teach him how to fish’. When food is given to the hungry, it satisfies their immediate quest for food, but leaves them on a longer term of hunger and poverty, because you have only succeeded in making them believe that there is someone somewhere who will always bring the food for them to eat. On the other hand, when you equip them with a means of providing that food for themselves, then you have provided a long term solution to hunger.
The quest to maintain a green and clean environment is also one of the factors on which this foundation is built.  80 percent of the very common sicknesses could be avoided if our environment is kept clean.

The transfer of funds that cost us a lot most times are as a result of sicknesses that can be avoided. When these funds are not being transferred, our business capitals would be progressively built, and poverty would gradually be eradicated.
Primarily, Obagoo Foundation looks out for the best environment for all, in terms of conduciveness, both mentally, psychologically, health wise, intellectual wise and physically. Everyone deserves to live well and should live well. This remains our drive.  More details on what this foundation stands to do is outlined in the Goals and Objectives

To equip as many as possible who are less privileged with the right tools to start up a life worth living, and make the environment conducive for all.

Creating a stable society with the top standard of living and maintaining the lowest level of poverty in our closest societies.    

Goals and Objectives

  • Education: looking out for young talented children whose parents can hardly afford to send them to school
  • General health and (women health): looking out for the vulnerable in terms of their health, guiding and training them on healthy clips and how to remain healthy. Helping out those who have difficult health situations
  • Faith based (building of non-denominational worship centers):
  • Promotion of Green Environment: the term Green represents life. God made nature for man, and nature should be kept alive and green. Discouraging unnecessary deforestation, planting flowers around
  • Ban of Smoking in Public Places:
  • Advocate for the Sensitization on the Risk Associated with Sickle Cell: creating awareness on the risk of producing offsprings with sickle cell, when it could be avoided.
  • To give opportunities of self-expression to kids who has the potentials but lack the opportunity to express themselves due to lack of support.

Support could be:

  • Sponsorship
  • Guardians
  • Training
  • Equipping