January 5, 2018

Obagoo Kidzart

This is an organization built on the foundation of every child’s welfare, creativity, arts, language use, ICT, education and Child Parenting. Basically, this organization is bent on building the children’s world, and to help adjust the adult world to be conducive for the kids. Every child deserves a bright future and should be given all windows to achieving that.

In every four walls class of fifteen pupils, two would prefer to style other’s hair and prescribe a dress to match the hair, another two unconsciously see themselves in the kitchen, doing dietary for a whole group. Another set of three only find interest in painting the world with different colours or words to suit their vision. The remaining groups either find fun in fixing of machines, dancing and acting, writing, solving world puzzles or making sure that the sick gets well. 



To create the children world, saving them the real fun of being a child
in all forms of self-expression, and saving them from the toxic nature
of the adult world.


To give every child the right to express him/herself and guide the children find their area of specialization. Beyond this, re-awakening reading and writing culture in Nigeria.

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Creation of Writing Clubs/Managing

We create writing organizations/clubs in schools, based on agreement, we brand this club with our company’s name or with the school’s name. Deliverable:

  • Branding the club
  • Organising activities and technical writing classes
  • Recommend technical writing books for  kids
  • Making provisions for branded writing journals
  • Following up to the journal for each child
  • Creating a page for the club on Kidzart Poetry Hub Blog where their works are exhibited and shown to the World, or
  • Creation and management of a branded blog for the club
  • Manage the publication/launching of Creative Writing Collections, sectionally for a school
  • Organise Creativity/Poetry DAY for a school, sectionally.
  • Organizing and managing competitions within the club, or inter-schools.

Training | Consultancy

As a consultancy firm, we are best at offering valid, professional and strategic ideas that could facilitate the healthy growth of educational institutions, through the means of staff training, assigning tutors that are specialized on the fields mentioned below in different schools, recommendation of growth strategies, Indoor Coaching, and so on. In doing this, we ensure that every child fares perfectly well in terms of mental/creativity development, notwithstanding other distinguishing biological or environmental factors. Some of the training’s we offer include:

  • Psycho-linguistic Development in kids (with a software for psycho-linguistic/diction Evaluation monitor)
  • Role of Creativity and Poetry in Child’s Development
  • English Phonetics and Phonology/ Communication skills
  • Digitization of Educational Systems(I.T)
  • Classroom Management/Decorations
  • special training for parents, on how to work hand in hand with teachers on children upbringing

Research and Publication

We specialize on carrying out researches on different spheres/fields of life and composing it into a book based on demand. We can be engaged in both fictional and non-fictional writings with an undeniable creative style. We create seminar papers on different fields and brand it to the readers’ taste. For already written or composed books, we also offer professional editing services and ensure that the piece is ready for publication. We also create guidelines/writer’s direction for intending writers who might want to take off the writing projects by themselves, and follow them up until the book is complete. We can create Sectional Poetry Collection (Anthology) for a particular school using the creative writings of their pupils, and have it published, providing valuable business strategies for the publication. We also recommend creative and innovative articles for school magazines, and we specialize in coaching future writers to achieve their goals.


In offering this service, we make available on request, everything that relates to kids, both academic and non-academic, at very affordable rates. These supplies could involve class room equipment, library / laboratory equipment, sports equipment, children toys, children wares and so on.

Holiday | Vocational School Activities

Unlike the conventional schools that we know, Obagoo Kidzart offers Holiday/Vocational school activities where pupils come to showcase and develop their talents. They are given opportunities during their holiday period to carry out activities outside writing and reading that would engage their innovative and creative skills. The area of interest of the child is figured out through some exercises, and the child is placed in a particular class, which will run through the holiday periods, until the child is well trained and certified in that field. Some of these vocational activities includes:

  • Painting
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Fashion Designing 
  • Beading
  • Laundry
  • Catering
  • ICT (Cisco, Microsoft office, Photoshop & Others)
  • Engineering (Generator servicing)
  • Home Keeping
  • Decoration

Event Management

In terms of managing kids’ events, we are second to none. We take charge in organizing kids related events based on your innovative taste and financial ability. We create exciting and educative programs for the events, evaluate the positive/social effects of the events on the kids beforehand, and recommend possible business ideas/strategies that could be achieved from a particular event. Some of the events we organize are not peculiar to an individual school, and so we create a healthy growth environment amongst schools, even when the events are designed to be inter-school. Some of these events could be:

  • Academic Competitions
  • Picnic
  • Sports Outing
  • Graduation Ceremony

In fact, beyond our very imaginations, some children already see themselves in the outer space or in the field scoring goal marks.

It is not debatable that children should be offered the basic education they need, which is their right, but not at the expense of who they really are, which is of more right to them. Each child must be given the opportunity to explore who they really are, alongside with the basic education they are getting. It is on this philosophy that an angle of this organization stands. OBAGOO KIDZART is an organization, with the dreams and future of Nigerian Children at heart. This organization wants to go round the country, finding every child in his or her own galaxy, that is, where this child shines most brightly. Afterwards, more focus would be placed on the young creative writers, who will be trained to form the Nigerian Cradle Writers.
OBAGOO KIDZART wants to make children write books that would occupy their own libraries. This organization wants to see each child being celebrated, and so calls for national support. We also look out for the closest adults (Parents and Teachers) to these children,  work on their orientation towards these children.

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